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Virtual Studio

The Springboard Pilates team has made the tough decision to close our big, heavy, squeaky door to preserve the safety and integrity of health in our community. As you’ve undoubtedly seen in posts, emails, messages from small business owners throughout the country, this is the right move to make despite the uncertainty and vulnerability it brings to us all. I found a quote today that shifted my perspective for a moment this morning and I’m going to try to carry it with me during these unprecedented times:

“Try this perspective shift. Instead of seeing ‘social distancing’ and and travel bans as panic, try seeing them as acts of mass cooperation intended to protect the whole. This plan is not about individuals going into hiding. It’s a global deep breath, an agreement between humans around the planet to be still. Be still, in hopes that the biggest wave can pass without engulfing too many of the vulnerable amongst us. ” -Dr. Lindsay Jernigan

While Springboard Pilates is closings its physical space, we are flinging wide open the doors of our virtual community. Our instructors are committed to the philosophy that “movement is medicine” and all believe that continuing to move is paramount to overall well being. The virtual studio we’ve set up is now open for you.Group Mat Classes and Private Mat Lessons are available via Zoom with the same high-quality standard of Pilates for which our team is known.

Virtual learning may be new to many people, but with unprecedented times comes unprecedented compassion, so we ask you to have patience with yourself and with us. We’re always open to your feedback and members of our team are available to walk you through this process. Here are the details:

Virtual Group Mat Classes and Private Mat Lessons

  1. Sign up for a Private Lesson directly with your teacher or for a Group Class through our website schedule. You’ll see these new classes listed on the schedule as Virtual Group Mat.
  2. Download the Zoom application on your device. (It can be accessed via website or mobile app.)
  3.  Check the microphone and camera settings on your computer. (Here’s a link to Zoom Help Center explaining this.)  
  4. Look for an email from Springboard Pilates with the link to the Zoom meeting 1 hr prior to the start of the class.
  5. Sign into the Zoom class.
  6. Enjoy your Springboard Pilates class or lesson from home!

Virtual Group Classes are drop-in only (no series). Both Virtual Group Classes and Private Lessons can be purchased via our MindBody system using credit, debit, or your Declining Balance.

Virtual Group Mat Class: $15/50 Minutes
Virtual Private Lessons: $60/50 minutes and $35/30 minutes

Previously purchased 6-week Group Class series will not cover virtual options. You have the option to be fully refunded the remaining amount for your 6-week group series OR you may choose to allow the amount to be absorbed into the instructor’s compensation. If you prefer a refund, please email Hilary at by March 27.

There is so much information not only in this email, but being given to us from numerous sources. If the Springboard Team can help you understand anything more thoroughly, please let us know. 

For General Questions: Meredith Coffin, owner, Springboard Pilates – | (207) 400-6691Hilary Dueben, office manager, Springboard Pilates –

For Zoom-Related Questions:Caitlin Brooke, semi-okay techie, Springboard Pilates – |(207) 838-0984

For Virtual Private Lessons:

Ash, | (207) 619-1962
Cathryn – | (207) 233-6198
Caitlin – | (207) 838-0984
Jen – | (207) 712-1382
Meredith – | (207) 400-6691
Morgan – | (207) 730-3847
Pam – | (207) 415-4257
Rori – | (610) 733-7944
Emmy – | (207) 949-0048

I hope that you will choose to continue your Pilates practice whether with Springboard Pilates virtually or on your own. We are, as always, your biggest movement cheerleaders and will do everything we can to support you. We hope the virtual options will not only provide some physical exercise, but some social and mental “exercise” as well. The laughs, smiles, and stories we all share each week are immeasurable–our community so strong! (Feel free to share articles, stories, uplifting photos of kids/furkids on our Springboard Pilates Facebook page . )

Our greatest wishes for your continued health,

Meredith and the Springboard Pilates Team

P.S. If there is anything non-Pilates related with which we can help, please reach out. You are not alone when you are part of the Springboard community.