Ashley Salisbury

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Ashley Salisbury
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Ashley grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Armonk, New York. She majored in English literature at Princeton University before getting a law degree from Harvard University.

She left her job as an intellectual property attorney to follow her passion for learning and sharing the Pilates Method, acquiring certification through Core Pilates NYC  in Union Square. Ashley was originally drawn to the ‘concentration’ principle of Pilates, and found that the extreme mental engagement meant she was never bored during a session.

She also loves the way Pilates constantly helps us learn about our own bodies with the goal of improvement rather than perfection. Ashley particularly enjoys working with clients who are struggling to lose weight or managing chronic pain. She is thrilled to be teaching at Springboard Pilates in Portland, Maine, and is grateful to be able to share Pilates’ tools for improving our bodies’ relationship to gravity.