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Client Corner: Don Murray & Miki Murray

At Springboard, we find great value in exchanging stories with our favorite people:our clients and friends! We believe that each of our clients have something unique to offer the Pilates world, which is why we continue to share their stories with all of you! Now featuring: Don & Miki Murray!

Don & Miki

Name: Don Murray

Age: 83

How long have you done Pilates? Since 2010

Classes you currently attend @SP: Sitting, Standing, Walking and Machine/Mat class with Bethany

What’s your “Day Job”? Retired.  Now full-time Honey-Doer

Activities you enjoy outside the studio: Wood working projects, reading, computers,  board service, and driving.

Favorite food: Seafood and Miki’s cooking!

Favorite movie or book: Currently reading David McCullough’s Truman.

Favorite Pilates exercise: None.  I enjoy them all and they all challenge me!

Pilates exercise you’d like to conquer this year: All of them.

First memory or impression of Springboard: Wow, this is going to be hard work!

Anything you’d like to add: Pilates at Springboard has renewed my life.  Thanks!

Name: Miki Murray

Age:  79

How long have you done Pilates? 18 years – I started with Annie Elliott in Damariscotta at the Conditioning Center and continued with Springboard Pilates in Portland when we moved here 6 years ago (twice a week and then some home work as well).

Classes you currently attend @SP: As with Don above but I add ‘duets’ with Bethany and/or Meredith once a month. I also do independent ‘studio use’ once a week and occasionally add a private. It helps to get a critical corrective eye involved.

What’s your “Day Job”? Retired. Full time home cook, always learning about new ways to cook healthier as well as tastier.

Activities you enjoy outside the studio: Music – I belong to two vocal groups that meet once and twice weekly.

Favorite food: Actually many! But, I guess Chicken Curry would be high on the list as well as Fish en Brodo (fish in broth with pasta!), potato wrapped halibut, guacamole, and hummus!

Favorite movie or book: Probably “The Sound of Music,” I know that it is really old, but I always enjoy watching it to the very end!

Favorite Pilates exercise: Most of the reformer work and ‘hanging’. I love short spine, but haven’t done it in a while since I’ve had some recent hip issues to deal with.

Pilates exercise you’d like to conquer this year: The hundred, stomach (can’t remember its full name), and any others that are still awkward; I would like to tackle ‘short spine’ once again but feel I need support and guidance to do it safely.

First memory or impression of Springboard: The Spring Street studio was so much larger than the Damariscotta studio so ‘spaciousness’ was the first impression; then I found Bethany to be delightfully youthful, bright, knowledgeable and challenging! And six years and two children later, she is now even more so!!  Now the new studio is REALLY SPACIOUS!

Anything you’d like to add:  I worked long and hard to bring Don into the studio. It was the addition of the Pilates Stick that did it. We bought one for our home and he had to install it!  So of course, he needed some lessons to make sure he was using it correctly!  I suggested we do a duet so we would both be on the same page. Voila!  : )  Once working in the studio, with Karol at that time, he was hooked and I couldn’t be more pleased. Of particular importance to both of us is the attention to our individual issues. Both Bethany and Meredith (and the other instructors as well) are fully cognizant of the aging body issues we both face. They help us stay as supple, stretched, mobile and as safe as possible. I do believe I am in better physical shape today at 79 than when I began this work at age 61. It’s easy to remember the timing because Don gave me a large ‘Conditioning Studio’ gift certificate as my 61st birthday present! Talk about a gift that keeps giving – it doesn’t get any better than that.