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Client Corner: Christine McKenzie

At Springboard, we know our studio wouldn’t be the same without you: our clients and friends! So we have decided to showcase some of you so that everyone else can see how lucky we are to know you! This month, we want to introduce you to the amazing woman who came up with the first incarnation of the Client Corner idea, one of our favorites: Christine McKenzie! We just know you will love her, too.

Christine Mckenzie

Name & Age:Christine McKenzie, 52 years

Background: Grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Places Lived In: Columbia SC, Dallas TX, Portland (since 2000)

The Scoop: I’ve been happily married for 17 years my husband is a Medical Director and Psychiatrist. We have 3 children, my step-son Zach, 28, lives and works in Austin, Texas; step-daughter Elyse, 24, lives and works in Paris, France; and our son Jack, soon to turn 16, attends Cheverus High School.

Pilates Her story: This March marks 7 years that I’ve been attending classes at Springboard. Oddly enough I got introduced to Pilates by my father. After years of chronic back and neck pain my father sought the help of a Pilates instructor, he drove an hour each way 3 days a week for instruction. When I saw his results I knew Pilates was worth doing. I remember my first meeting with Bethany telling her about my father’s results and her belief that Pilates was helpful for so many areas of the body. I loved that the studio was small and in a residence. I try to take 3-4 classes a week and currently take Monday’s 5:30 mat, Wednesday 5:00 Boot Camp and Saturday’s mat class.

“Day Job”: I have been working at Maine Medical Center since we moved here 2000. I am the Director for the Department of Vocational Services. We help people who are disabled return to work. We work with all types of disability. The individual could have a mental health issue, autism, cancer, a brain injury, substance dependence or any other illness that has kept them out of the work force. We were currently awarded a large project interviewing every recipient of welfare in the state of Maine and helping to understand how best to help this population becomes successfully employed. I love my job, the staff I am lucky enough to work with, and there is no greater satisfaction than helping someone become employed and share in the sense of purpose that work gives us all. In addition to being the Director for the department I supervise medical residents in Psychiatry in Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Outside the Studio: When I’m not working, I’m with my husband and our son, when I’m not with them, I’m at Springboard, when I’m not at the studio, I’m pinning on Pinterest, when I’m not on Pinterest you can find me at my favorite store in the Old Port: Motifs.

Favorite Movie: Ordinary People

Currently Reading: Lean In

Favorite Place to Visit: Paris

Place(s) I Want to Visit: South of France

Favorite Exercise: Is the one we do without fail, THE HUNDRED. It’s also the one I want to conquer in 2014. I love the fact that you can’t really perfect these exercises. I have a hard time being “in the moment” and Pilates helps me do this.

What I Love Most About Springboard: I love the quality and expertise of the instructors. Here’s something that might sound silly but I love the fact that the instructors look so nice for class, always something cute on, reminds me that Pilates is taking care of all of you. That being said, I may have to step it up in 2014 and ditch that grey dolman sleeve sweater I’ve been wearing for 3 solid months!! As important as all those things, I have loved meeting everyone who comes to the studio. I am so impressed when I hear or learn tidbits about the incredibly talented people who come to Springboard. I’m touched when someone asks me, “Where have you been? We’ve missed you.”