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Client Corner

Meet Molly Kingsbury!

Age: 50

How long have you done Pilates? I had to have back surgery in 2015 (spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis).  As part of my recovery,  I did some physical therapy.  It helped, but going to the gym was not my thing.  As someone who has never enjoyed exercise classes of any kind, I knew I needed to find something that could just become part  of my routine.  When a friend urged me to join her for a Pilates mat class, I went with high hopes but low expectations. I thought that what I was searching for maybe didn’t exist. I remember thinking though, after that first class, “Hmmm.  That wasn’t painful.  I didn’t feel like I was going to die.” And, the next morning, “Wow.  Nothing aches.  I can touch my toes again. I feel taller.”

This is my second year of Pilates and I love that it is keeping me limber, moving comfortably.  My balance is better.  Mid life isn’t seeming so heavy.

What are the classes you currently attend Springboard Pilates? I am working in a Level 2 machine class now and I look forward to each class.  I have NEVER looked forward to exercise or gym classes before Springboard.

What’s your “day job”? Before kids, I was a middle school foreign language teacher. Then I worked for some time as a garden designer and installer. Now I am full time with kids in a blended family, ranging from second grade to sophomore in college.

What activities do you enjoy outside the studio? I love travel, photography, political discourse, good books, good times with friends.

3 Favorites…
1. Food! Anything in season. I can go crazy over dead ripe raspberries. And milk dark chocolate, which is mercifully hard to find.
2. Movie or Book! Still love Jane Eyre.
3. Pilates Exercise! In Mat class I loved the Russian Squats because they made me feel strong and on the machine I like Short Spine because I feel like a kid goofing around at the playground!

Pilates exercise you’d like to conquer this year? I fear I will never conquer Teaser.  But I will keep trying!!

I just want to say how grateful I am to Springboard Pilates and the wonderful staff there.  I always feel supported and encouraged.  It’s been a life changer for me.