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Client Corner: Susan Tran

At Springboard, we know our studio wouldn’t be the same without you: our clients and friends! So we have decided to showcase some of you, so that everyone else can see how lucky we are to know you! Now featuring: Susan Tran!

SusanName: Sue Tran

Age:  40

How long have you done Pilates? Nearly 4 years

Classes you currently attend @SP:  Monday evening Advanced Mat with Meredith, plus private sessions with Cathryn and Alicia

What’s your “Day Job”?  I have two! Weekdays you can find me managing the Underwriting Department at the Maine Public Broadcasting Network (working with the companies and organizations who sponsor our radio and television programs). Evenings and weekends, I co-own Tsunami Tattoo with my husband, Phuc.

Activities you enjoy outside the studio: I have two young girls (Phoebe, who is almost 4, and Beatrix, who is 11 months), so most of my free time is reserved for them. But I do also enjoy photography, seeing live music, enjoying this beautiful state we all call home, and riding my scooter any chance I get.

Favorite food: My nana’s M&M cookies. Everything else pales in comparison… though ask me for a restaurant recommendation, and I’ll talk your ear off for twenty minutes.

Favorite movies: Top 5, desert island movies (in no particular order): Casablanca, It’s A Wonderful Life, Amelie, Sliding Doors, and the Colin Firth Pride & Prejudice

Favorite Pilates exercise: Of all time? Short spine on the Reformer. 

Pilates exercise you’d like to conquer this year: I’ve been working hard on The Hundred this summer, with a particular focus on my breathing.  I realized at some point in the spring that I wasn’t actually breathing at all during The Hundred, and I should be. Easy fix, right? That’s what I thought, too, but come to find out, it takes a lot of concentration for my body to breathe on a five count in The Hundred position. So I’ve been working on it. I’ve found real success with it, so far, on the Reformer, but the mat is still a challenge, so I’ll keep plugging away at it. 

First memory or impression of Springboard: I remember feeling immediately at home. Everyone at Springboard (teachers and students, alike) are so welcoming. There is a spirit of genuine camaraderie and kindness, and yet everyone gives each other the mental and physical space needed for learning and evolving in the work. I never feel judged. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect environment.

Anything you’d like to add: Yes. I want to say that I’ve taken classes and privates with almost all of the Springboard teachers over the last four years, and I encourage everyone to do the same. I’ll admit, I’ve had to fight my own natural tendency to be a creature of habit, but it’s been incredibly rewarding and helpful to my Pilates work to spend time with a variety of teachers. Sure, each instructor is following the same sets of exercises, but they all bring something different to the table. It’s been the combined knowledge, approach, perspective, and feedback of the Springboard team that has helped me make the most of my Pilates experience. I highly recommend mixing it up. You won’t be sorry!