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Yumuna Body Rolling Workshop Coming April 19th at Springboard!

 Join us on Sunday, April 19th1 to 4pm, $50 per person.

YRWWe are excited to announce that our friend Maura Reminga, of Willard Beach Studio just over the bridge in South Portland, will be at Springboard for this great 3 hours workshop! See all the details below and sign up online here on the “Workshops & Special Events” tab.

Low back pain, hip pain, and sciatica may all be caused by tight muscles and fascial restrictions. Yamuna Body Rolling is effective in alleviating symptoms related to these conditions. In this 3 hour workshop, Maura will teach you Yamuna Body Rolling routines to work deeper into the gluts, paraspinals, abdomen, adductors & hip flexor muscles to increase circulation, improve range of motion, flexibility and release fascia. You will feel and notice a difference in your body throughout the workshop.

Handouts will be provided and balls will be available for purchase so that you will be able to continue the work at home!

*Workshop Cancellation Policy

We require 48 hours’ notice on workshop cancellations to avoid being charged for the miss. Outside of 48 hours, you may receive a full refund. Canceling inside of 48 hours, you will receive a refund of 50%. If you do not cancel ahead of time, and simply do not show, no refund will be issued. Thank you for understanding that space is limited.