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Yin Yoga Workshop

Yin Yoga with Jen Micoleau


What is Yin yoga?
Yin yoga opens your heart to the understanding that you are your best teacher.

This quiet, introspective practice offers you a break from your active, busy, running-around-like-mad life style. Enjoy luxuriating in passive, restful postures where time and space are provided to you to encourage breath awareness and connection to your body. Within the stillness you uncover a deeper understanding of your body’s tension holding patterns and how to assist them in unwinding. This happens in real time, which encourages the fast-talking “monkey mind” to soften into the background, its interest captured by the present moment.

Expect to feel in this class; it is not restorative. The purpose is to move the body into deep sensation without approaching pain. Find your edge and sit in it. Be curious about it. Watch it. Be in the process of discovery. Listen, allow, surrender into what is. And most of all, learn to be compassionate and friendly toward this process.

The workshop will consist of 20 minutes of seated Guided Meditation and centering followed by 80 minutes of Yin postures with a few Yang (active) postures mixed in to support the balance of the practice. The final 20 minutes will be in Savasana (Rest or Corpse Pose), partially guided and partially in silence.

Choose from the Sundays below or register for all of them!:

October 1st

November 19th

December 3rd

all dates 4-6pm

$50 per person

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