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Will You Be Having the Chocolate Cake Pilates?

*This post was written while enjoying a week at our favorite wellspring of modern Pilates thought: The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO.  

Chocolate Cake I took a 2 pm Chair class with experienced students, on a sunny afternoon, with Kelly at The Pilates Center. We started with focus, covering the familiar ground of Footwork and Seated Pumping, and coming into the Standing Pumpings. It was a close knit group, and everyone was interjecting and laughing, while also working hard and getting rosy cheeks. It was so special, and I felt so lucky to be able to “hang,” especially since I’ve worked so hard in the last year to rebuild myself from the inside out after giving birth.

I felt like I brought my own intentions and convictions to my work (like finding strength and mid back lift in the High Frog, and letting my neck and head extend out of it), and also heard new things. Warning: some Pilates geek speak here for those who follow these things: We did a lot of partnering on ‘anchoring the shins into the ankle bones’ for clean pivoting in the joint, especially in Push Up High (off the side of the chair, pumping one arm), Handstand Pike, and Cat (into flexion and extension). We also talked a lot about pushing on top of the head, and having your head connected into your spine and nervous system so that you could really stand on your feet.

It was work, but it was also relaxed and exploratory. Everyone was happy to be there, and about three quarters of the way through, I thought, “This is as great as sitting down with a bunch of ladies and tucking into a big homemade chocolate cake.” It was rich, moist, satisfying…but with no bad side effects. What could be better?