Rori Smith

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Rori Smith is an improvisational dancer and movement researcher. Rori began studying Pilates to support her dancing – to cultivate a more articulate spine and to investigate the conditions and effects of her own scoliosis. She entered Pilates as process of self-discovery and, as a teacher, cherishes the ability to steward others in the recognition of their own bodily intuition and intelligence. She firmly believes that as ever-evolving biological systems, there is no end to the new information we can learn from our bodies. As somatic movement pioneer Emilie Conrad said, “Movement is what we are, rather than something we do.”

Rori holds a BA in Anthropology and an MFA in Dance, both from Temple University. She has been a student of classical Pilates since 2010. She graduated from Drexel University’s 450-hour Pilates Training Program in 2018. The classical Pilates repertory, as transmitted by Romana Kryzanowska, is at the core of Rori’s teaching, melded with a deep interest in the nervous system. Her approach to Pilates is somatically informed with the goals of helping students locate themselves in space, increase awareness, and find balance in the body through efficient, satisfying movement.