Kate Cirigliano

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Kate Cirigliano began her movement career and dance training at the age of two in Maine.

She went on to study all dance forms and Mat Pilates for the next 15 years until she studied dance and theater at Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York as well as Arts Administration and Music at Wagner College. As a basketball team dancer and a practiced mover, Pilates was always apart of her dance training. She loved making it a part of her routine and grew to especially love the classical method. As a singer, Kate benefits from the Pilates Method. Pilates creates space in the body and allowed her to achieve a more at ease approach to vocal performance. She moved to Colorado in 2016 and graduated from the Intermediate Teaching Training Program at The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado and financed her program with singing and playing in Denver bands!

Kate returned to New York City with a vision of making a career of helping people move better, build strength and flexibility. She spent the last five years growing private clients in Westchester County, working at Uptown Pilates, The Center for Movement, and teaching students in Staten Island, New York.

Kate believes a life centered around Pilates makes people happier, relieves tensions of the body, and works to repair imbalances created over the years. In addition to practicing the work personally, Kate wants to teach others how to allow the movement to serve their own personal goals. Pilates does more than strengthen muscle and maintain a healthier spine. It sews the body together, empowers the mind and develops the body so it can move in a healthier way. Kate’s goal in session is to bridge the body, mind, and soul as originally intended by Joseph Pilates!