The Studio

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For over ten years, Springboard Pilates has been dedicated to practicing and preserving Joseph Pilates’ inventive method right here in Portland, Maine.

In 2005, former studio owner Bethany Mateosian opened up shop in the quarters of a lovely townhouse on Spring Street. In our formative years, Springboard developed a tight-knit little staff, solid teaching techniques, and grew together to be the powerfully unified team we are today! In 2012, with a tiny staff, we out-grew the 3 small rooms on Spring Street and moved to our current location on Clark & Pine.

Our West End studio, near Aurora Provisions, embodies the perfect welcoming neighborhood feel. The ground-level space is much more convivial, visible to passers-by, and welcoming to new clientele! Over the years, we have undergone many changes, and transitioned into a brighter and more open space with ease. In 2013, Springboard welcomed a new proud owner, Meredith Coffin, who has been with Springboard since 2007!

Meredith and the entire Springboard team continue to inspire by consistently promoting the importance of mind/body awareness inside of the brightly colored walls of our studio.

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