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The Reset Package

 The Reset Package with Andrea Spencer and Meredith Coffin

Hit the Reset button on your mind and body. Our plugged-in lives have us practicing poor posture, whittling away at our joints and connective tissue. Over time, our brains map this misalignment as normal. Reset focuses on recalibrating your brain and body to what healthy posture feels like. 
How? In your personalized 2-hour session, Andrea will first spend time working various myofascial and massage therapy techniques to reset your body from the patterns of daily life. Next, Meredith with guide you, with this new alignment/awareness/freedom through some Pilates Reformer exercises, giving your body and mind a chance to record this new placement with movement.


The Reset Package includes some time spent working with you to assess your posture, make sense of some basic anatomy, and re-inspire your breath. Rediscover health through tissue manipulation and retrain your brain and body to hold that realignment with the help of our teamwork and expertise.
Recommended for students of movement, anyone struggling with issues from mild headaches to nervous system disorders, or anatomy enthusiasts. 
Upcoming Saturday Dates (11am – 1pm): 
October 28th
December 16th
February 3rd


Initial Visits run 11am – 1pm for $250
Optional Follow-Up visits run one hour for $150
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Your body workers:
Andrea Spencer, Owner Apple Core Therapy
Licensed Massage Therapist
Andrea C. Spencer is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) who specializes in myofascial release and deep tissue with sensitive knowledge of how a healthy diaphragm and pelvic floor help to maintain realignment. She also has experience in Swedish technique and Craniosacral Therapy. She is a Certified doula and received a bachelor of fine arts from the University of Georgia. Andrea is excited by empowering people to stay healthy with self-care. She believes the body should be treated as a whole, and that massage is an excellent preventative care alternative.
Meredith Coffin, Owner Springboard Pilates
Classical Pilates Instructor and Teacher Trainer