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Pilates and Intro to Fascial Fitness

pilates instructor demonstrating fascial fitness

with Lesley T. Hoey, D.P.T. and Meredith Coffin, Springboard’s Owner

The role of connective tissue, known as “fascia”, in fitness and wellness training is gaining widespread popularity. Healthy, fit fascia can improve physical performance, prevent injury and decrease chronic pain. There is more to training fascia than using balls and rollers. Based on research there are four key principles that improve the health of fascia. These principles are easily adapted to a variety of training methods.

Fascial Fitness Workshop

This workshop will introduce the four Fascial Fitness (FF) training principles then incorporate them into a variety of Pilates mat exercises. Incorporating the FF principles with Pilates mat exercises will add another layer of challenge in coordination of both body and mind to maintain core stability and add a level of exhilaration. This workshop is intended for those who can readily integrate the Pilates Principles into their movement patterns with minimal cueing from an instructor. For this reason, within Springboard’s system, this workshop is considered Level III.

Join us for this fun, movement-filled, educational experience!

January 23rd 2 – 4pm

$75 per person

Dr. Lesley Hoey integrates Fascial Fitness principles with her physical therapy patients, private fitness clients, and students in her yoga workshops and classes to empower them all in improving and maintaining the quality of their health and their lives.