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PART 2: Pilates & Fascial Fitness Workshop


with Lesley T. Hoey, D.P.T.

Saturday, April 2nd 8:30 – 9:45am

$35 per person ($30 if you sign up by March 26th!)

Fascia is creating quite a buzz in the fitness industry these days as new research shows how to train fascia to improve strength and flexibility among other things. By popular request, this follow up to the Intro to Pilates and Fascial Fitness workshop will integrate the four Fascial Fitness principles with a Pilates based exercise sequence.

Join us for this fun, movement-filled experience! Sign up on the Class Schedule page by clicking “Take Class.”Dr. Lesley Hoey integrates Fascial Fitness principles with her physical therapy patients, private fitness clients, and students in her yoga workshops and classes to empower them all in improving and maintaining the quality of their health and their lives.

Please note this workshop is intended as a follow-up for those who attended the original Intro workshop in January 2016 as well as movement teachers and anatomy buffs who already have a good understanding of fascia. It is open to any level student who is able to embody and self-cue the Pilates Principles with minor to no orthopedic issues, or is adept at modifying and taking care of themselves. The rhythm of movement and speed is part of conditioning the fascia, so it’s important participants are able to keep themselves safe within a flowing class.

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