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Our March Movement Challenge Is Almost Here!

March MovementIt’s Almost Here!

We are very excited to announce that we are just days away from our March Movement Challenge: March 1 – 31, 2015. Since last year was such a smashing success, we’re doing it all over again this year! We at Springboard challenge you (and ourselves) to do some type of movement every single day of the month of March. We’ll have a big chart in the studio where you’ll give yourself a star for every day of the month you do something to keep moving. Anything goes: taking the stairs instead of the elevator, trying an extra class in your schedule, working out on your own at home, embracing a new activity, and on and on!

We’ll be posting more videos on our YouTube to keep you motivated (look out for a stability ball mat class, a Basic 5 classical mat lesson, stretching with a band, and more). We will also post updates on our Facebook page and Twitter to help keep you going. We are in this together, so get ready to roll on March 1st!

Why join in?

Not only for the obvious reasons of staying healthy through the winter and being part of a community of people who are pushing themselves, but also because you could win stuff! At the end of the Challenge, all participants will be entered into a raffle for cool stuff like our one-of-a-kind locally made coffee mug, a cozy Springboard hoodie, a free Private Long Session (80 minutes) with the teacher of your choice, and more! We’ll announce the winner at our Springboard Fling (mark your calendar for Friday, April 10th 5:30 – 9pm!).

"Jamie Mercurio Photography"A Special Treat: FREE Health & Nutrition Consultations for All Participants!

This  year we have added the option of FREE Health & Nutrition Consultations with Emily Straubel for all participants! Emily Straubel is a holistic nutrition coach who specializes in stress reduction, hormone balance, adrenal fatigue and weight loss to all March Movement Challenge participants!

Words from Emily:

“Committing to 30 days of consistent exercise can change your body! But many people struggle to make those changes stick, while others hit a plateau and get discouraged.

After years of hopping from yoga studio to Crossfit gym searching for a way out of my exercise rut I finally had an aha moment. I wasn’t fueling my body with the foods that would help me shed the weight and gain the muscle and flexibility I wanted. Every person has a unique body and a unique diet that fuels them.

You already know that Pilates strengthens your body. I want to help you find the diet that is the best complement for you!

As a part of the movement challenge I am offering FREE 60 minute health and nutrition consultations to help you find the food plan and lifestyle changes that will allow your body to break beyond your plateaus.

During our consultation I will do a diagnostic evaluation of your health, listen to your story to help you identify any causes of stress or health pitfalls and give you a list of recommendations specific to your diet and lifestyle that outline the most effective changes that you can make to maximize the impact of your exercise routine.”

When you are exercising consistently and eating the right foods for your unique body, getting a body you love will be easy and so much fun!”

Consultations will happen at Springboard:

Mondays March 9th & 16th from 9am – 12pm

Wednesdays March 11th & 18th from 2 – 5pm

Saturdays March 14th & 21st from 10am – 12pm

Sign up now for your FREE consultation with Emily at Springboard by contacting her through the info below: