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Yin Yoga Workshop

Yin Yoga with Jen Micoleau


What is Yin yoga?
Yin yoga opens your heart to the understanding that you are your best teacher.

This quiet, introspective practice offers you a break from your active, busy, running-around-like-mad life style. Enjoy luxuriating in passive, restful postures where time and space are provided to you to encourage breath awareness and connection to your body. Within the stillness you uncover a deeper understanding of your body’s tension holding patterns and how to assist them in unwinding. This happens in real time, which encourages the fast-talking “monkey mind” to soften into the background, its interest captured by the present moment.

Expect to feel in this class; it is not restorative. The purpose is to move the body into deep sensation without approaching pain. Find your edge and sit in it. Be curious about it. Watch it. Be in the process of discovery. Listen, allow, surrender into what is. And most of all, learn to be compassionate and friendly toward this process.

The workshop will consist of 20 minutes of seated Guided Meditation and centering followed by 80 minutes of Yin postures with a few Yang (active) postures mixed in to support the balance of the practice. The final 20 minutes will be in Savasana (Rest or Corpse Pose), partially guided and partially in silence.

Choose from the Sundays below or register for all of them!:

October 1st

November 19th

December 3rd

all dates 4-6pm

$50 per person

Sign up from the Class Schedule page on our website (make sure you are looking at the date you want when selecting “Take Class”).

See Jen’s bio on her Team page above.

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Workshop for Beginners

Introduction to Reformer with Meredith Coffin

Joseph Pilates invented the “Universal Reformer” to add assistance and challenge to his method. The Reformer’s springs and structure offer a unique resistance training experience which creates a balanced workout of both strengthening and stretching. Working this way in proper alignment is not only therapeutic for the joints, but also creates long, lean muscles and an overall uniformly developed body. If you have never seen a Reformer, or worked on one, you are in for a treat! It makes working out fun!
This workshop will introduce you to the amazing piece of equipment Joe designed. You’ll be taught the Introductory level of exercises working with the springs and straps, and given lots of guidance for moving mindfully from your core instead of your neck, shoulders, or low back. There will be time for questions and to talk about how to progress within the levels of the classes offered at Springboard. All levels are welcome.
Choose from the following Saturdays (or attend more than one for deeper understanding):
September 30th
October 28th
December 16th
February 3rd, 2018
all dates 9:30-10:30am
$25 per person

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Read Meredith’s bio on her Team page above.

Workshop: Pilates and Pelvic Floor Health for Women and Men

with Lesley Hoey, DPT


NEW DATE: May 6!

NEW DATE for Part 2 Follow-up Workshop: Saturday, May 6, 8:30 – 10am
(Part 2 was originally April 1, but postponed due to storm. Part 1 was March 18)
$40 per person per workshop
or $70 total per workshop when you sign up with a friend

The pelvic floor is an intimate part of the body yet its function and health is a mystery to many of us. This workshop will introduce what healthy pelvic floor function is as well as how Pilates can help improve or maintain pelvic floor health and function in daily life. The first workshop will introduce the basic anatomy, breathing, and muscle activation awareness. The follow up workshop will focus on coordinating the breathing and muscle activation with mat based exercises. (The first workshop is a pre-requisite for the follow up workshop. If you are unable to make the first workshop and would like to attend the second you can take a private session with Lesley.)

Sign up from our Class Schedule page. Go to the week of March 18th to see the “Take Class” button.

Lesley Hoey, DPT, CYT is a Physical Therapist and Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist in private practice who specializes in orthopedic and pelvic floor rehab. She integrates Yoga and Pilates core strengthening principles into her treatment sessions with patients and private clients to help them improve and maintain their pelvic health and function.

Welcome Bear Woodriff Coffin


Meredith and her husband Jaff are overjoyed to announce the arrival of their baby boy Bear Woodriff Coffin into the world on Friday, September 9th at 11:39pm weighing a healthy 9 pounds and measuring 20 inches long! Meredith, Jaff, and Bear are home now getting to know each other and falling more in love every moment.

The Reset Package

 The Reset Package with Andrea Spencer and Meredith Coffin

Hit the Reset button on your mind and body. Our plugged-in lives have us practicing poor posture, whittling away at our joints and connective tissue. Over time, our brains map this misalignment as normal. Reset focuses on recalibrating your brain and body to what healthy posture feels like. 
How? In your personalized 2-hour session, Andrea will first spend time working various myofascial and massage therapy techniques to reset your body from the patterns of daily life. Next, Meredith with guide you, with this new alignment/awareness/freedom through some Pilates Reformer exercises, giving your body and mind a chance to record this new placement with movement.


The Reset Package includes some time spent working with you to assess your posture, make sense of some basic anatomy, and re-inspire your breath. Rediscover health through tissue manipulation and retrain your brain and body to hold that realignment with the help of our teamwork and expertise.
Recommended for students of movement, anyone struggling with issues from mild headaches to nervous system disorders, or anatomy enthusiasts. 
Upcoming Saturday Dates (11am – 1pm): 
October 28th
December 16th
February 3rd


Initial Visits run 11am – 1pm for $250
Optional Follow-Up visits run one hour for $150
Sign up from the Class Schedule page on our website (make sure you are looking at the date you want when selecting “Take Class”).
Please familiarize yourself with our straight-forward workshop cancellation policy here.
Your body workers:
Andrea Spencer, Owner Apple Core Therapy
Licensed Massage Therapist
Andrea C. Spencer is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) who specializes in myofascial release and deep tissue with sensitive knowledge of how a healthy diaphragm and pelvic floor help to maintain realignment. She also has experience in Swedish technique and Craniosacral Therapy. She is a Certified doula and received a bachelor of fine arts from the University of Georgia. Andrea is excited by empowering people to stay healthy with self-care. She believes the body should be treated as a whole, and that massage is an excellent preventative care alternative.
Meredith Coffin, Owner Springboard Pilates
Classical Pilates Instructor and Teacher Trainer

Reflections by Jen Micoleau


Reflections from Springboard Pilates Staff Meeting, Summer 2016

Co workers: Friends. Women. Man. Mothers. Father. Wives. Husband. Daughters. Son. Sisters. Brother. Teachers. Students. Seekers. Caregivers. Artists. Organizers. Movement Lovers.

Each a layer of our lives. Moving from the surface to just underneath to buried deep within. Never lost. Always present. Exchanges between each other coax one to move through toughened, sinewy barriers – to resurface. In that moment we become Exacting Individuals.

Bodywork Yourself Workshop

with Phaelon O’Donnell

Thursday, May 26th, 5:30-6:30pm
Thursday, June 23rd, 5:30-6:30pm
$25 per person


In this workshop, students will learn how to intersperse bodywork and massage throughout a series of Classical Pilates Mat exercises. You’ll learn some Trigger Point Therapy, Traction technique, and Thai massage, practices and techniques that Phaelon has learned through specific classes throughout her massage training. These modalities can be done solo or with a partner and they will help to release tension, elongate connective tissue, promote circulation, and bring balance to the body. Phaelon is happy to pass along what she knows so you will be empowered with new information for your Pilates toolbox, experiencing the benefits firsthand during the workshop, ultimately bringing a new angle at self-care to your Pilates!

Sign up from the Class Schedule page on our website (make sure you are looking at the date you want when selecting “Take Class”).

Please familiarize yourself with our straight-forward workshop cancellation policy here.

PART 2: Pilates & Fascial Fitness Workshop


with Lesley T. Hoey, D.P.T.

Saturday, April 2nd 8:30 – 9:45am

$35 per person ($30 if you sign up by March 26th!)

Fascia is creating quite a buzz in the fitness industry these days as new research shows how to train fascia to improve strength and flexibility among other things. By popular request, this follow up to the Intro to Pilates and Fascial Fitness workshop will integrate the four Fascial Fitness principles with a Pilates based exercise sequence.

Join us for this fun, movement-filled experience! Sign up on the Class Schedule page by clicking “Take Class.”Dr. Lesley Hoey integrates Fascial Fitness principles with her physical therapy patients, private fitness clients, and students in her yoga workshops and classes to empower them all in improving and maintaining the quality of their health and their lives.

Please note this workshop is intended as a follow-up for those who attended the original Intro workshop in January 2016 as well as movement teachers and anatomy buffs who already have a good understanding of fascia. It is open to any level student who is able to embody and self-cue the Pilates Principles with minor to no orthopedic issues, or is adept at modifying and taking care of themselves. The rhythm of movement and speed is part of conditioning the fascia, so it’s important participants are able to keep themselves safe within a flowing class.

Please familiarize yourself with our straight-forward workshop cancellation policy here: 

My New Year’s Resolution 2016

MeredithThe thing about New Year’s Resolutions is that so often they are “pie crust” promises, as Mary Poppins would say, “easily made, easily broken.” I’ll admit it, I have made a few pie crust promises this year, as I always do, but I have also asked myself: “What would make me feel like I am working on becoming a better version of myself?” On the surface, my answer is so simple: fully embrace joy. However, underneath the surface of this resolution, it gets pretty complicated for me.

Like many of you, I often feel so blessed and lucky for my life. It’s not perfect, but when I think about my career, family, home-life, health, and circle of loved ones, sometimes I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with a lot of worry. I worry that I may not “deserve” all this good stuff and all of the these great people. I fear that at a blink of an eye it may all disappear. I often feel guilty just knowing that others are going through hard challenges like loneliness, loss, serious health struggles, unemployment, prejudice, and the list goes on and on and on.

This empathetic feeling I have for others, and my constant feeling of what if,  often interrupts and impairs my own joy. Not wanting to be ungrateful for my blessings, I often temper my sheer joy, excitement, and glee with a drop or two of a negative thought in attempt to stay ready for any unannounced disappointment. In my younger years, I would have described this practice as a preventative measure, a simple formula to not “jinx” myself. But it gets me wondering: over the years, how many experiences have I had without fully embracing joy?

Looking back on this now, it seems like a lot of wasted negative thinking. All of it slowly accumulating to a subtle, but personally noticeable weight on my energy. What some might even call a heavy heart.

Considering that I feel happy most of the time, and generally optimistic every day, it makes me wonder how much lighter I could feel if I could just let go of this self-inflicted burden. I think I am finally ready to take the weight off my shoulders. Why not practice joy this year? Without fear of “repercussions”? No longer buying into the idea that embracing sheer joy means I am somehow ungrateful for what I have or that I am naive about all of the troubles that could be. Instead I am going to do my best to embrace the now. Just joy. And gratefulness. And light.

Cheers to 2016!

Pilates and Intro to Fascial Fitness

pilates instructor demonstrating fascial fitness

with Lesley T. Hoey, D.P.T. and Meredith Coffin, Springboard’s Owner

The role of connective tissue, known as “fascia”, in fitness and wellness training is gaining widespread popularity. Healthy, fit fascia can improve physical performance, prevent injury and decrease chronic pain. There is more to training fascia than using balls and rollers. Based on research there are four key principles that improve the health of fascia. These principles are easily adapted to a variety of training methods.

Fascial Fitness Workshop

This workshop will introduce the four Fascial Fitness (FF) training principles then incorporate them into a variety of Pilates mat exercises. Incorporating the FF principles with Pilates mat exercises will add another layer of challenge in coordination of both body and mind to maintain core stability and add a level of exhilaration. This workshop is intended for those who can readily integrate the Pilates Principles into their movement patterns with minimal cueing from an instructor. For this reason, within Springboard’s system, this workshop is considered Level III.

Join us for this fun, movement-filled, educational experience!

January 23rd 2 – 4pm

$75 per person

Dr. Lesley Hoey integrates Fascial Fitness principles with her physical therapy patients, private fitness clients, and students in her yoga workshops and classes to empower them all in improving and maintaining the quality of their health and their lives.