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Holiday Decompresser Workshop

Who doesn’t need decompression around the holidays?

Join Jen this Wednesday the 16th from 5:30 – 7pm for an amazing self-care experience! The workshop starts with a brisk Pilates Reformer workout, decompressing the spine and joints with flowing movement, helping you gain immediate access to your internal power.

Next, Yoga poses will ground and center you so you can better manage the unavoidable and unexpected slick spots along your path (whether an icy sidewalk or old family struggle). Reclining stretches will target your most tense areas: shoulders, back, and hips.

Then Guided Meditation aims to bring calm and peace of mind through single pointed focus and breath work.

And to complete the practice: full relaxation and centering.

Leave fully decompressed from body to mind to spirit.

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$40 per person

Happy Holidays!