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Clothing & Pilates



Hello, Springboard friends! It’s Cathryn! I’m here to talk about two of my favorite things — CLOTHING and PILATES – and to offer a suggestion for how you could feel even more amazing as you take your rosy-cheeked self out the door at the end of class. (Hint: it has a lot to do with wearing fabulous, well-fitting new workout gear when you walk IN that door.)

Apparently,  I’ve always been obsessed with clothes; my dad used to love to tell the story of watching me, at age 6, stand and whip through an entire rack of hanging tops like a little professional shopper in the kids’ section at Sears. With an expression that was equal parts fascination and horror, he turned to my mom and said, “Did you teach her how to do that?”

Now that I’ve transitioned to only being at Springboard (my “other life” as an office manager came to a satisfying and happy end in August), I’m having a lot of fun playing with color, fit, and function as I dress for my days at the studio on Pine Street. Whether I’m teaching class or taking class, I want to feel comfortable, uninhibited in my movements, stylish, and attractive. Fab leggings or a slammin’ top give a fantastic boost to my day.

Many of you have asked me where I got an especially eye-catching or unusual piece, so here’s a list for you! I’m always poking around online and in the real world, and I really like these companies. If you want to compare measurements with me to figure out how these different clothing lines would fit you, please feel free to email or text and I’ll be happy to frankly discuss details. We will not be allowed to criticize our bodies when we do this. Sorry.

Here’s to a wonderfully happy, harmonious, and sparkling holiday season for all of us! A few final thoughts:

You’re worth it. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice – they’re all coming right up, so now is the time to hand over a website link to those loved ones who are just PESTERING you for gift ideas. Help ‘em out!

When you wear workout gear that fits you in all the right places and is designed for Pilates and yoga movement, you won’t be doing as much tugging or pulling to stay covered during class. This will lead to better focus during your most challenging moments. If you aren’t feeling distracted by your belly, seat, or cleavage being exposed during the Stomach Massage Series or Scissors, Bicycle, and Shoulder Bridge, I guarantee you’ll wring more out of these exercises.
This is not to say that you should ever worry about flashin’ your lovely bod at us. We’ve kind of seen it all. . . at this point we’ve evolved to where we’re just deeply curious about your unique body and how to help you based on what we can observe.

And, seriously – if you want to come to class in baggy sweats and your old holey t-shirt that you can’t quite bring yourself to part with – by all means, do it. We will always care more about welcoming you to the camaraderie of a great group class or helping you have a light bulb moment in an inspiring private than the brand or cost of your workout clothes.

Purusha People
This is where my green Mermaid and fuchsia Mind’s Eye leggings and my gold heart ‘THANK YOU’ top come from. The owner of this company is the cheeriest little cutie and she will send you an email personally thanking you, sincerely and with love, for patronizing her business.

Pretty and fashionable women’s running clothes that, in my mind, cross over well to the studio. Huge selection of thoughtfully-designed tights, knickers, tops, and accessories. Even though I only wear them about twice a year, I love my cozy Oiselle arm warmers. (If you browse their bottoms and are leaning toward a purchase, this is a good time to remind y’all that zippers can scratch or gouge our equipment at the studio.)

Hard Tail Forever 
I am still searching for the Holy Grail of Tops – one that fits my small ribcage but also offers plenty of support and coverage for my full bust. Hard Tail’s flattering Cross Back Tank, with its soft material, nice wide crossover straps, and empire waist, is the closest I’ve come to finding it.

This is where I found my Magic Elephant Lotus Flower tights (OK; they’re actually called Love The Elephant Hot Pants). Teeki’s Hot Pants are made from recycled plastic bottles, come in funky, nature-inspired and mind-expanding prints, and they’re soft, close-fitting, and non-baggy. I feel like a million bucks when I wear these.

Shakti Activewear
This Brazilian company makes beautiful products designed specifically for yoga and Pilates movement. I own their Toller tank top (this style is on clearance now for about $25) and Lakshmi capris. Their Coolform fabric is a nylon/Lycra combination that feels heavenly on the skin.

Like Lululemon, this activewear company hails from Canada and offers outerwear and ski apparel in addition to yoga and Pilates clothes. Their Yogita Crop (now on clearance for $45), a style with high-rise shorts under mesh leggings, is the most risqué piece in my studio wardrobe. Woo woo!

Random ideas for places to find more stuff:

Freeport – J. Crew Factory
Yep, this is where I’ve scooped up a few really cute miniskirts to wear as a modesty coverup over my tights when I pop out of the studio between classes.

Portland – Nomads
Great store on Commercial Street that is packed to the gills with quality outdoor clothing and gear – carries Prana and Ibex. Get serious and get your socks, hats, gloves, studio duds and outerwear here, for men and women.

Portland – Fleet Feet Sports
Located right off Marginal Way, next to Play It Again Sports – carries Oiselle and Lole. Runners, head here.

Yoga Website-

Yoga website with a super brand list of high-quality yoga and Pilates gear!