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Client Corner: Allison McCormack

AllisonIn Her Words: “I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have found Springboard Pilates! Ever since I was pregnant, (which was over ten years ago) I had completely lost touch with my abdominal muscles. I think this led to me experiencing many issues in my body, such as hip pain, lower back pain, and at times debilitating sacroiliac (S.I.) joint pain.  After only a few sessions, I was much more aware of my posture and how I was using my back and hip flexors to compensate for my weak abdominals.  Pilates has already started to change my body and my life.  I can easily do everyday things now that in the past would cause me excruciating pain. I absolutely hate to exercise and could never consistently stick with any exercise program. Pilates is different. I actually look forward to my sessions, and I even practice at home on days I am not at the studio.  The teachers at Springboard are amazing, and they really tune into each person’s individual body. I have found my exercise Nirvana!”

Name: Alison McCormack
Age: Thirty-something
How long have you been practicing Pilates? About two months.
What classes do you currently attend at Springboard?: Reformer with Alicia and Mat with Meredith
What’s your “Day Job”? Stay at Home Mom/Housewife Extraordinaire!
What activities do you enjoy outside the studio?:Drawing, cross-country skiing, paddle boarding, spending time at “Upta Camp.”
What is your favorite food?: Definitely pie! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
What is your favorite movie or book?: My favorite movie ever is Pulp Fiction. Favorite book is anything by Richard Russo, especially Nobody’s Fool.
What is your favorite Pilates exercise and why?: So far it’s Short Spine on the Reformer. It makes me feel really strong, and it stretches out my lower back.
What Pilates exercise you’d like to conquer this year: To do the Stomach Series while keeping my abdominal muscles engaged the whole time!
What is your first memory or impression of Springboard: My intro session with Ashley. I could not believe how many muscles she had me using that I had NEVER, EVER used before or even knew I had.