Pre/Post Natal

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Pilates is an extremely beneficial mode of exercise for pregnancy. It offers a low impact way to stretch and strengthen your whole body, as you get ready for childbirth and motherhood.

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The work will help you keep your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles strong as your belly expands. Staying in touch with these muscles will not only alleviate pain during pregnancy, but will assist you in labor and delivery. Once you are post-natal, you will have greater access to those muscles sooner (having stayed in touch with them for the 9 months or so you carried) and therefore you may regain your strength more quickly.

Pilates will also counter some postural habits that may creep in as your weight shifts the balance of your body. Later, as the work of cradling baby and carrying his car seat, diaper bag and more affects your posture, Pilates will continue to rebalance those affects.

Here at Springboard, we recognize that the work can be tailored for each woman depending on what you are experiencing in your unique pregnancy. We have found that private and semi-private lessons are the best way to do Pilates throughout pregnancy. These smaller lessons geared specifically to pregnancy serve your body best as you continue to change and grow.

Visiting our Portland studio a couple times per week for 30-minute private lesson keeps you feeling strong without exceedingly tiring you out. These shorter sessions, done solo or with up to five people, have been carefully constructed at Springboard to incorporate the classical Pilates equipment, which leaves you feeling both challenged and energized.