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Here at Springboard Pilates, we encourage all clients to start with the Introductory Package of your first two 50-minute private lessons for just $100 total.

Springboard Pilates instructors demonstrating the machines

If a group class is your primary interest, we encourage starting at the beginner level regardless of physical fitness. This allows us to teach you the Pilates Method as it was taught to us by our Classical Pilates Masters, as it was meant to be taught: from the beginning. The introductory and beginner pace is a little slower than other classes, but you will get a deep and effective workout from which to build upon as you progress through the work.

What Our Levels Mean:

Introductory Level: This is an introduction to the principles of Pilates. Fundamental movement skills will be practiced as well as working on the Introductory level mat (Hundred, Roll Up, Single Leg Circle, Rolling Like a Ball, Spine Stretch) or Reformer repertoire (Footwork, Hundred, Leg Circles, Frog, Stomach Massage Series: Round Back, Short Box Series: Round Back, Knee Stretch Series: Round, Running, and Bottom Lift).

Level I (Beginner): This class starts at the Introductory level and adds on Level I exercises over the series as the class progresses together toward the full Level I order. In a mat class, additions include the beginning of the Stomach Series, Saw, Sidekicks, and Seal. A Reformer Level I adds in more of the Stomach Massage Series and Short Box Series, Long Stretch Series: Elephant, and Knee Stretch Series: Arch.

Level II (Beginner/Intermediate): Level II moves a little faster than a beginner class, although it still focuses on achieving the basic Pilates principles in the body. Continuing to build the classical repertoire from Level I, this mat class will add more Stomach Series, Single and Double Leg Kicks, the beginning of Teasers and more. In Reformer classes, exercises like Short Spine and Coordination appear.

Level III (Intermediate): We begin to focus more on flowing movement from the previous levels as well as adding on many new exercises, working toward a full Level III order.  On mat, Level III includes Footwork, full Swan Dive, the beginning of Bridges, more Teasers, and Push Up 2. Reformer adds in Long Box I Series: Pull Straps and T, Chest Expansion, Thigh Stretch, Arm Circles, and Russian Split, to name a few.

Level IV (Intermediate/Advanced): Level IV welcomes students proficient at the intermediate Level III, while challenging their skills, edging toward exercises in the advanced repertoire. The emphasis on flow and form from the previous levels continues here. Full Level IV on the mat adds in Roll Over, Corkscrew 2, Scissors & Bicycle on high, Side Bend, Control Balance, and more. Reformer explores new exercises like Overhead, all of Rowing, Tendon Stretch on 2 legs, Mermaid, the introduction of the Long Box II Series, and more.

Level V (Advanced): Here, students must have familiarity with classical Pilates through Level IV because the class moves with flow building toward the full Level V repertoire. Some of what Level V includes on the mat: Side Kick Kneeling, Twist 2, Boomerang, and Rocking. Reformer adds more to both the Long Box I & II Series, as well as Headstand Front and Back, Backbend, Control Arabesque, Gondola, Grande Split, High Bridge, and more!

All Levels Classes: This class is a good, safe, all-around workout that emphasizes strength and flexibility suitable for healthy bodies working at any level. This is a fun trial-by-fire way to introduce yourself to Pilates, or touch base with your practice if you have already been studying.

Specific Types of Classes:

PilatesStick Mat: This class is based on classical Pilates mat and Cadillac work with the added bonus of the Pilates Stick prop. The Pilates Stick offers resistance and assistance on various exercises to help deepen the student’s understanding of connecting to the core muscles during movement.

Equipment: This class uses a variety of equipment from week to week including Universal Reformer, Wunda Chair, Tower, Low Barrel, Pilates Stick, Hand Weights, Magic Circles and more! It is meant for healthy bodies who are working on the class level listed.

Chair: This equipment class focuses on the Wunda Chair, a fun and challenging piece invented by Joe Pilates. It is meant for healthy bodies who are working on the class level listed.

Tower: This equipment class uses the Cadillac or Tower (also called the Pole system) including leg springs, arms springs, roll down bar, and push through bar. It is meant for healthy bodies who are working on the class level listed.

Guided Workout: If you are at least an intermediate student, you are healthy and/or know all of your own modifications, and are a visual learner, this type of class is perfect for you since your teacher works out with you! Steal a glance or two of the exercises in motion while your teacher calls out the order and some general cues to keep you moving. It’s a wonderful supplement to your private lessons and group classes! Class may include Reformer, Chair, Tower, Mat, PilatesStick, barrels, and more. Guided Workouts do not run in a series, they are all single classes.

Springboard group classes build camaraderie and confidence as students progress through the 6-week series together. Classes often fill, so sign up early to reserve your spot! Class size is generally limited to 10 for mat and 5 for equipment.