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Springboard Pilates is a host studio for The Pilates Center of Boulder (TPC), one of the most rigorous classical Pilates training programs in the country.

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Potential teachers now have the opportunity to train with The Pilates Center at Springboard Pilates in Portland, Maine, rather than moving to Boulder, Colorado which used to be the only path to a TPC diploma. Observation and lesson hours may be completed with TPC graduates at Springboard including Meredith, Jen, Cathryn, and soon Ashley (when she completes her Bridge Program). Meredith is also a TPC Advisor observing trainees while they teach, leading advisor meetings, and administering exams within the programs. Trainees travel to Boulder for their final performance and practical teaching exams. Springboard is the only TPC Host Studio in Southern Maine and one of only a few studios in the northeast. Currently, Springboard hosts two Intermediate Plus Program Trainees, one Advanced Program Trainee, and one Bridge Program Trainee. Our recent Advanced Trainee Juliet just graduated in Boulder in March 2017! Meet our Intermediate Plus Program Trainee Caitlin, below!

Featured Trainee: Elizabeth Reedy


Age: 20  

Hometown: Houston, TX

In which TPC Teacher Training Program are you currently enrolled? Intermediate

Estimated Graduation Date: January – February 2018

How long have you done Pilates (& perhaps the story of how you happened upon it):

I started doing Pilates about 3 years ago. I was looking for a form of exercise that would coincide with competitive cheerleading and being a high school student. Initially, I wanted to do Pilates only a couple times a week, but quickly fell in love with it. Before I knew it, I was attending classes around 5 times a week. I really enjoyed the small class setting and the energy I gained from working with others.

What brought you to Springboard and TPC?

I am in Portland while on a gap year and really wanted use my time to pursue something I enjoy. I found the Pilates Center training program through an internet search. I wanted something I could start in Portland and continue elsewhere.

What do you see as the major distinction between Springboard’s/TPC’s style and your former Pilates?  In Houston, I was doing a combination of contemporary and classical style Pilates. At Springboard, the classical repertoire is at the foundation. Classical Pilates is meant for everyone. I’ve really started to believe in how important the classical exercises are during my time at Springboard.

Current favorite Pilates exercise: Side sit up on the short box. It’s something that can be modified to anyone’s level and stretch afterwards is hard to beat.

Pilates exercise you’d like to conquer this year: I’m hoping I can do High Bridge on the Reformer by the end of my program.

Biggest challenge in the program so far: Teaching in the 4th week of the program felt really early to start teaching. I still feel really nervous when I teach, but every time I feel so much more comfortable. I’ve learned so much in the beginning of the program that I know I will feel extremely prepared to teach when I complete training.

Thing that gets you most excited about being a trainee: I love it when I see someone truly discover how the exercise should feel in their body and they leave feeling completely energized.

Activities you enjoy outside the studio: I am an avid baker and have taken many classes ranging from french pastry to decorating with fondant and buttercream. I love doing different things to keep me active, whether it be working with a personal trainer or going on a big hike.

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