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Springboard Pilates is a host studio for The Pilates Center of Boulder (TPC), one of the most rigorous classical Pilates training programs in the country.

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Potential teachers now have the opportunity to train with The Pilates Center at Springboard Pilates in Portland, Maine, rather than moving to Boulder, Colorado which used to be the only path to a TPC diploma. Observation and lesson hours may be completed with TPC graduates at Springboard including Meredith, Jen, Cathryn, and soon Ashley (when she completes her Bridge Program). Meredith is also a TPC Advisor observing trainees while they teach, leading advisor meetings, and administering exams within the programs. Trainees travel to Boulder for their final performance and practical teaching exams. Springboard is the only TPC Host Studio in Southern Maine and one of only a few studios in the northeast. Currently, Springboard hosts two Intermediate Plus Program Trainees, one Advanced Program Trainee, and one Bridge Program Trainee. Our recent Advanced Trainee Juliet just graduated in Boulder in March 2017! Meet our Intermediate Plus Program Trainee Caitlin, below!

Featured Trainee: Caitlin Walker Brooke

caitlin's face

Name:  Caitlin Walker Brooke

Age: 32

Hometown:  Bangor, Maine

In which Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center (TPC) are you currently enrolled? Intermediate Plus

Estimated Graduation Date:  April 2017

What’s your “Day Job?” I am part of a two-person team that runs the Children’s Miracle Network for Northern + Eastern Maine.

How long have you done Pilates? My introduction to Pilates came in 2010 during physical therapy for lower back pain. A lifetime of high impact sports and years of sitting for work had left me with chronic back pain. After a physical therapist recommended Pilates to me, so I trotted off to Springboard Pilates and got hooked!

What brought you to TPC or what convinced you to enroll even if you’d heard about TPC for a long time? After a few years of chatting back and forth with Meredith at Springboard Pilates, I finally decided to follow my heart when I moved to Bangor. There was no classical Pilates available in the area (wonderful contemporary studio though!) and I really yearned for the practice I had learned at Springboard. I thought, “Well, why not me? Why can’t I be the one to teach classical Pilates here?” I want to help people to feel the incredibly rich and rewarding experience of classical Pilates.

How do you manage the long-distance aspect of the TPC training program? Advice for others thinking of applying for the program who live outside of Portland? Bangor is 2 hours from Portland and I travel down once a week. I stay with friends once in awhile, but mostly do the trip in one day. I’ve used the car rides to my advantage–study time to memorize exercises, repetitions, etc., as well as listen to Pilates podcasts. My advice is to make the most of your travel and Portland time (5+ hours of observation and 3 hours of lessons in a day are common!). Meredith and the Springboard team are extremely accommodating and work with you to make things run smoothly. I’m also fortunate to have a studio in Bangor that allows me to use the equipment. Thought it’s Stott stuff, it’s still beneficial for me to workout and teach on. All in all, know your resources, make your schedule, and hold yourself accountable! (And pack a lot of non-melting snacks in your car.)

Current Favorite Pilates Exercise:  Teaser. It is a humbling exercise that helps me to evaluate how my body is feeling for the day. Sometimes it tells me “Let’s go rockstar!” and other days it’s like “Um, cool your jets kid.”

Pilates exercise you’d like to conquer this year: I’d be pretty proud of myself if I conquer Inversions.

Type of client/lesson/class you most enjoy teaching: Since I am new to teaching Pilates, everybody is proving to be extremely fascinating. I have a soft spot for elder clients that have gone through their entire life with bad alignment, aches and pains, and often a skewed perception of their own body mechanics. When I tell them we’re going to celebrate what their bodies can do and not fight against what they can’t, they seem to get excited about what’s about to happen.

Activities you enjoy outside the studio: I enjoy a balance between being active and slowing things down to recharge. I live so close to the mountains AND the ocean that my playground is vast–from skiing and floating in the ocean to enjoying unique restaurants speckled throughout Maine’s small towns, I’m really up for anything! (Especially when my 1 year-old goldendoodle, Polly is my co-pilot.)

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